A Humument flashdrive

Would you like to see 100 of the most recent pages from A Humument, and hear them read to you by the artist? The Tom Phillips studio team have harnessed technology to bring about this small miracle, available to anyone with a USB port, £20, and a postal address.
Visit the Tom Phillips site to order.



Few artists can claim to have committed to a work in progress for 47 years. As A Humument nears its half century an exhibition, Life’s Work, at MASS MoCA features an in depth study of Tom Phillips’ ever evolving treated novel and partners the Humument display with another longstanding altered book project by Johnny Carrera. Life’s Work is the most comprehensive exhibition of A Humument ever mounted and offers a rare opportunity to examine the work in its entirety.

For those of you not able to make it to North Adams please visit the newly revised gallery from March 23 at www.humument.com for an online version of the exhibit. Life’s Work continues at MASS MoCA until November 2013 www.massmoca.org

– HUMUMENT_p.158 (169 plays)

Tom Phillips reads extracts from A Humument 1974